Single Origin Peaberry, Full City Roast

Tiny Estate Coffee

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Peaberry coffee are noticeably sweet, flavorful and much cuter than their flat cousins. These little guys are picked and hand sorted as there is no way of telling whether there's a single or double-header bean inside the coffee cherry and is done at Tiny Estate, Madapur. It is a second generation farm cultivating robust Catimor Arabica.

The beans develop an uniquely even roast color (Agtron 45-50) and this fresh offering at a Full City roast profile delivers a complex yet soothing brew with nuances of roasted nuts, brown sugar and lingering aftertaste.

Coffee Grade        Plantation Peaberry Arabica

Farm Process      Wet Process

Taste Notes           Roast Nuts, Dark & Bold

Region                    Madapura, Karnataka

Roast Profile         Full City Roast


Tiny's is roasted daily & ships fresh in 12 hours post roasting.

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