Arabica House Blend, City Plus Roast

Purple Haze

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Our first arabica blend "Purple Haze"

We’ve always been a fan of the natural processed coffee from Tamil Nadu & Chamarajanagar grow regions. The blend is unique due to the coffee characteristics. Hence, versatile and ideally suited for espresso, manual & cold brewing.

Purple Haze blend is a fusion of Honey Process coffee (Yellow Honey) from BR Hills & High Atitude Grown coffee from Kodaikanal (cultivated at 5000 Feet). Both coffees are sourced via direct farmer trade.

The Chocolate & citrus tones combined with a juicy acidity ensures a brew that can be enjoyed throughout the day & late into the evening.

Coffee Grade        Blend Arabica, Plantation Cup

Taste Notes          Chocolate, Cherry & Berry

Region                   Kodaikanal & BR Hills

Roast Profile        Medium / City Plus Roast


Purple Haze is roasted & blended post roast & ships fresh in 24 hours post roasting.

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