Shipping Policy

Deccan Coffee provides convenient shipping for all domestic and international orders. We at DC believe that ordering coffee online should be as easy as "a walk to your local coffee shop ".

Follow our simple fulfillment

Deccan Coffee Fulfillment

For Domestic Orders

> All coffees orders are roasted at 7 AM daily and we ship the coffee within 24 hours post roasting. 

>Your coffee will be shipped via our designated domestic courier companies and customers will receive a confirmation to the registered mail id regarding the details of the order along with tracking number and estimated date of delivery.

> For all Cash on Delivery orders, shipping will be processed post telephonic address confirmation & will be charged 70/- INR per order.

For International Orders

We have made arrangements to accept and fulfill international orders for coffee. Contact us with your coffee order and we will send you a confirmation with the shipping costs, delivery details. Email us at