About Deccan Coffee | Small Batch Roasters

Deccan Coffee is an online coffee store that delivers fresh coffee, every single day. We started 6 years back delivering fresh roasted arabica coffee to hotels in Bengaluru, Surat & Mysore. Our premium quality beans are sourced post meticulous tasting of coffees from over 350 farms across the world. We work towards sustainability, artisanship & delicious coffee.
As a coffee company, we believe that coffee is a culture, that good coffee stimulates communication and progress. With Deccan Coffee we seek to sustain this aspect.


Q: Who roasts my coffee? Do you have a roaster?
Yes, all your coffees through DC are roasted in house. We partnered with our roaster last year, who recently haul refurbished a 2007 model small batch roaster and its works amazingly well. We artisan roast your coffee to meet craft standard and are pretty darn serious about it. Our roast hand has ample 6 years of experience in coffee roasting, coffee quality, export / Import and playing real fast guitar solos.
Q: We love the coffee at DC! Where do you source your coffee from ?
All our single origin coffees have been handpicked post sampling, roasting and cupping coffee from over 200 coffee farms in India. We source through direct trade with the farmers which exterminates third party purchase and conduct Fair Trade  & Direct Trade purchases. Fair Trade empowers the farmers "right of price" for his crop.
Q: What is special about the coffees you source ?
DC currently sources coffee directly from 4 farms in India. These farms have immense contrast in location, altitude, coffee varietal and processing. The farmers follow strict farming methods and work towards minimal water footprint and bio conservation. So, you can bet a lot of flavors & aroma with each delicious brew.
Our premium coffee collection include - Honey process coffee, High altitude grown coffee, Rain forest & UTZ farming certified coffee and Coorg plantation coffee. We will be sourcing from new farms. Soon!
Q: How often do you roast? When will I receive my coffee?
We roast daily and we love roasting coffee. All coffees are roasted to order with love and shipped to you via express shipping in 24 hours after roast. Let's say you place your fresh coffee order today. We will roast your coffee tomorrow, degas the coffee and is ready to be shipped to you next day. It's that simple. Know more on our shipping policy here.
Q: How big is team DC?
We are pretty big at heart, and are 2 member team. Would you like to meet us?
To know more, give us a shout @deccancoffee. You can email us on beanmeup@deccancoffee.co or call us at +91 9538015566.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Drive & reach: DCHQ, No.78, 1 Stage, 2 Cross, DD Urs Road, Mysore - 570001.