The origin & folklore of coffee - 2 minute read

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The origin & folklore of coffee - 2 minute read

The origin of Coffee

Coffee did not appear as the beverage we know now. Coffee started as a fermented juice made by war tribes of Africa. They fermented the ripe cherries mixed with water and other minerals. Around 500 A.D., the Arabs found a way to heat coffee with water and became a hot drink. We have picked some interesting stories, folklore and legends about coffee and its origin. From its initial discovery, coffee was shrouded and accredited with magical properties, mystery and a lot of controversy. Coffee drinkers underwent senses of exhilaration to feelings of spiritual ecstasy.

Sit tight and brew your cup of coffee. This is going to get interesting.

The first story covers the legend of monk Hadji Omar. Outlawed by his adversaries to leave the city and die of in a desert outside Yemen, Omar reached the port of Mocha. That night Omar woken up hearing calls from the spirit of his dead mentor. The spirit guides and leads him to a coffee plant in the desert. Omar picks the coffee fruit and tries experimenting with it and ends up roasting the coffee seeds. He tries to soften the roasted coffee bean with water and fails. Omar drinks the coffee liquid in which the beans were boiled and is amazed at effects of the brew. He feels amazing with a sense of wellness and energy. He introduces the brew in the port of Mocha where coffee’s beneficial effects are experienced and story of Omar’s survival, Coffee is considered as a gift from the almighty.

The second story covers the findings of Kaldi, a goat herder. Kaldi observes his flock acting strange and eating the coffee cherries standing on their hind legs. Surprised and curious Kaldi resolves to try and taste the coffee fruit himself. A few days later, a monk passing by a meadow sees Kaldi and is astonished to see him and herd acting frolicked and dancing in the meadow. The monk decides to go learn Kaldi’s reason. After learning Kaldi’s secret the monk starts experimenting with the coffee beans. Figuring out drying and boiling the coffee fruit, the monks start using coffee in their prayers and ceremonies at night to keep awake.

We have one more legend which we have heard and this is the most exciting of them all. Sit tight.

Again it’s Kaldi. Kaldi sees his flock frolicking after eating the cherries. He decides to try it out for himself and is overwhelmed by the feeling of energy and feeling. He takes the cherries and runs as fast as he can to where the monks are conducting their prayers and tells him the story of him and the coffee cherry. The elder monk thinks of him as a frolicking fool, snatches the cherries and dumps it in the fire. Kaldi is sent out of the prayer hall. And as you guessed! The cherries burn in the fire and once roasted, gives out amazing coffee aroma which fills up the prayer hall. The monks are astounded by the magic of the coffee and try to find Kaldi, but fail to find him. They find him couple of days later and reward for his find.

And the rest is coffee history.