Part 1| Coffee lore & headway – 1 minute read

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Part 1| Coffee lore & headway – 1 minute read

Coffee was given a spiritual and medicinal status – and began to spread through the Arabic region. Ancient monks introduced the brew at night long rituals in the regions of Yemen, Cairo & Mecca, Coffee was passed on in huge container and prayers were chanted until the morning sun reflected off the on the hot dark brew. Scholars, Artists and Dervishes discovered the delights and beneficial side effects of coffee.

The growing demand for coffee and to supply need, the Arabs developed a form of coffee cultivation, growing coffee plants from the fruit in old coffee nursery and shifting them to agricultural plantation in the foothills of mountains nearby.

Coffee preparation also became advanced as popularity for the brew grew. Around 1000 A.D., coffee was brewed in the form of a decoction from dried beans. Soon the idea of roasting the coffee beans over a charcoal fire was started. The roast beans and silver shavings were mixed into hot boiling water, resulting in a yellow brew. By the dawn of the 14th century whole coffee beans were roasted on trays made of stone and advanced to on metal plates and vessels. When the whole beans were boiled in water it produced coffee concentrate which was very strong. Finally the process of roast beans processed and pulverized with a mortar and the powder combined with boiling water was started. The coffee concentrate was served and consumed with the grounds in it, and was the supreme process of coffee preparation for almost many centuries.

The Arabs made alterations in preparation and brewing of coffee that exponentially improved the flavor of the brew. Ground coffee was immersed in hot water for a day, and resulted in liquor which was boiled and reduced. The concentrate was stored in coffee containers or pots which were reheated and served on need. The Ibrik, or coffee boiler, speeded up the process of coffee preparation. Ground coffee, cinnamon, sugar and other ingredients were boiled together and served in small copper cups. The brew was served with the grounds in it. The grounds were allowed to settle and the coffee was consumed in sips as hot as possible.


To be continued…