Brewing with the Indian Percolator

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Brewing with the Indian Percolator

Say hello to grand daddy percolator

The Indian percolator is one of the oldest method of brewing a delicious cuppa. Sure, it does involve adding milk and sometimes sugar, but there is no denying that it delivers a strong, aromatic cup of your favorite brew.

Now, let us brew fresh roasted Arabica coffee, Indian style


Indian Percolator


Step by step visual process of making the brew.

Make south Indian filter coffee

Firstly,  traditional filter coffee is brewed using Arabica or Robusta coffee which is blended with chicory. The coffee is usually medium ground and the chicory adds a strong bitter taste to the coffee concentrate. Why use chicory when you have fresh roasted coffee!

Since, we are using 100% arabica coffee (advisable) the method is quite different. You will need..

1. Arabica coffee which is fresh roasted and fine grind. The traditional method uses medium grind since the chicory gives a thick body to the concentrate. Since you will not be using a chicory blend (no, no, never) we suggest you go for a fine grind.

2. Dark roasted coffee (anything above Full city roast) is preferred over light roast. As you know light roast coffee has more acidity over dark roast. Also darker roast gives the coffee a tarty/warming aftertaste which is preferred. Check our rain forest Moganad coffee. Moganad is roasted to a Full city+ roast and one of our darkest roast coffee.

3. Pasteurized whole milk works best. Skimmed & other milks make the brew lose body. A filter coffee with a full body will let the aftertaste sustain for longer.

Now, lets start. Its very simple.

>Remove the lid and umbrella of the percolator.

>Put 2 heaped Tbsp of coffee powder per cup and press it down gently with a spoon.

>Keep the umbrella back and gently pour fresh water brought to a rolling boil over the umbrella in the top container. The water quantity should be half a cup for 2 table spoons. 

The water will percolate down slowly depending on the quantity of powder placed. Let the hot water seep through the fresh roasted arabica beans. It usually takes 8 to 15 minutes. Take this time to enjoy the aromas of your coffee while it brews. It will reach every corner of your house :-) Once the drip is finished and the coffee concentrate is collected. Pour the desired quantity of concentrate to a cup and add with equal volume of fresh, hot milk. Add sugar to taste.Voila, there you have it. Freshly brewed coffee Indian e'style. Didn't we tell you it was easy. Now go ahead. Prepare delicious & strong filter Kaapi at home. 

Give it a try and let us know your experience on the new style of brewing filter coffee.