Coffee collaboration with The Glutton and the Owl

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Coffee collaboration with The Glutton and the Owl

Our first collaborators have plenty of reasons for you to follow them on their B / Vlog media channel. Encouraging the trend of food and drinks to shopping they create content with their on the go life style. #likeaboss.

Welcome to our first coffee collaboration featuring

The Glutton and The Owl

The Glutton and The Owl is a sister duo who in equal measure love to eat, drink and travel. Meet Tanushree & Devashree. Avid food and lifestyle content creator, bloggers on social media they have created a massive following and with their niche stories, Vlogs have the status of social influencer on prominent social media platform. Team DC knew getting their reviews & insight about our "Single Origin Coffees" offerings would be a good story.

So we decided to ship them a fresh batch of our fresh roasted coffees. This allowed us to get to know a lot about what they love to do what more about them.


The Glutton and The Owl

The first thing we asked them was to tell us about the glutton and the owl.

The Glutton and the Owl is a Gastronomy and Lifestyle blog.  The blog chronicles their lives – They both are sisters who live and work in Mumbai but love exploring the world. They are always on the lookout for adventures and are therefore exposed to many wonderful things that life has to offer. If we encounter something new and wonderful they cannot help but share with their followers.

DC:  What do you love about what you do? And what makes it so much fun?

Tanushree: We are absolute gluttons, obviously! So we love to eat good food and talk about it. Both of us share a common passion to explore new avenues in life. Food & travel being a major part of it.

They do have a lot of fun doing what they love. But, Ironically, The duo are extremely social media shy.

With great great new content rolling out every day and dedicated to their idea were sure there might have been a happy day where something cool with The Glutton and The Owl happened. So, we asked them.

Devashree: There was one instance which occurred recently in Mumbai. They overheard a couple  in a restaurant casually mentioning their favorite food blogger is “TheGluttonAndTheOwl”.

Now how cool is that! 

The Glutton and The Owl Coffee Collaboration

Another thing which is cool about the duo is their love for coffee. They say coffee is a lifestyle to which they are accustomed to. We asked them a couple of questions about their love for coffee and got a cool review about our fresh roasted Single Origins. 

For the Glutton and The Owl we fresh roasted a batch of Moganad, Corona and JourneyMan coffee along with a personalized Coffee 101. We were excited about this and the outcome of our interaction was a positive one.

DC: We asked them how their love for coffee started and what they thought about the fresh wave coffee culture sweeping India.

The Glutton and The Owl :  Our love for coffee started when we turned Vegan and opted for dairy free milk. Instantly, we took a liking to coffee and now it’s a part of our daily morning routine.
We noticed earlier Indian coffee beans were not up to the mark. However, with the fast growing industry for coffee, the beans are rightly grown and roasted.


Deccan Coffee and The Glutton and The Owl

DC: What did you think about your fresh roasted single origin coffees? We want to know if the coffees were up to your expectations and give us a brief review about their brew experience with DC.

The Glutton and The Owl: Deccan Coffee is extremely aromatic and flavorful. We loved the Medium Grind. All the coffees were well roasted and the the happiest part of the no hassle delivery. We got our order confirmation on a Saturday and our Coffee was delivered to us on Monday. The Coffee's.. Its very unique in its flavor and the aroma just fills up the whole area. We had a lot of fun brewing.

The Glutton and The Owl with Deccan Coffee

The Glutton and The Owl:

Corona Coffee was Strong and Aromatic. The Honey process is actually great about this coffee. It's definitely a morning drink and it actually brightens your day. 

Moganad Coffee was fantastic. I have never looked forward to my morning coffee this much. Best coffee ever! 

I paired JourneyMan Coffee with a Dry Cake and has become my new favorite evening brew.

The duo seemed happy with what we had to offer. They were extremely happy that the coffees were specially roasted for them and of our delivery service was super quick. Our single origin coffees were up to mark and got a thumbs up from both Tanushree and Devashree. 

You can find The Glutton and The Owl doing what they do best on Instagram & Facebook.

The Glutton and The Owl Social Media

Instagram : @thegluttonandtheowl

Facebook : @TheGluttonAndTheOwl

Online Blog : The Glutton and The Owl

We look forward to work with The Glutton and The Owl in the future on topics related to coffee. Both Tanushree and Devshree were very supportive during the collaboration and made Team DC feel that we are doing justice to Indian Coffee. Follow them on social media as they take you on a journey to the far ends of fun and exploration.

To know more about our single origin coffees and new harvest visit our "Buy Coffee" menu and meet our coffees.

Stay Caffeinated Folks. We will be back next week with a new collaboration.