Coffee collaboration with More Over Coffee

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Coffee collaboration with More Over Coffee

Our newest coffee collaborator is a truly talented artist and doodles his adventures with his favorite coffee mug by his side. We are pretty sure you will have spotted a picture of his favorite mug or his doodles on social media #CoffeeLover #Travel #CoffeeArt #Mumbai #AllAboutCoffee.

Meet our collaborator of the month

More Over Coffee

More Over Coffee Cover Picture

Incorporating multiple images, styles with his adventures "More Over Coffee"” is a personal adventure blog by Rasesh Raja. He says "More Over Coffee is about all the moments  with my cup of coffee.  It is a mirror of my  personality. More Over Coffee= Rasesh Raja"

His initial response made us want to know more on how he conceptualized the idea of blogging with his favorite coffee mug and how he incorporated his art with it. We wanted to know more about this idea.

Rasesh: Be it the office coffee or an artist sipping the coffee to stay awake or student’s companion for late night studies. It started being named as Express Over Coffee but there is something that is beyond expressing and hence "More Over Coffee".

More Over Coffee helps you find something different every time the way you look at your cup of coffee. Be it art with coffee or my cup travelling to different places. It is not only about coffee and café reviews but also about art and travel and many more things over coffee. There are two series which has been curated for quite a long time due to liking of people following the blog on social media

Both being my favorite, first is my cup of coffee which is from Paris and is travelling everywhere around exploring places and other is the art which is created from the last sip of coffee. 

We follow "More Over Coffee" on Instagram and we totally impressed with his art, blog style. We could see his love for coffee in his posts and hence we approached him on a collaboration idea with our fresh roasted single origin coffees.

This was the conversation which ensued.

DC: We asked Rasesh how his love for coffee started. 

Rasesh: I used to have tea a lot being from a Gujarati family tea was a ritual and still it is for my parents. I used to have coffee very occasionally and a point came in life that post my meditation course I left tea and coffee both and it was for almost like 1 1.5 years or so.
One day while chit chatting with my college friend at cafeteria of the place where we were doing our internship. She was having cold coffee and she insisted to have a sip and I just had it I think that was the time my love for coffee started and has reached to a blog sharing the passion for coffee.

DC: What do you love about what you do? And what makes it so much fun?

Rasesh: I have started treating the time spent with my cup of coffee like a companion and coffee is always with me I have it when I am happy and I have it when I am upset and it really makes me feel good.

The fact that people, I won’t say only friends because have heard from strangers too that they always think of me while they have their coffee or read something about coffee. People keep asking about where is my cup travelling to next and where all it has been to. Makes me feel happy.

DC: Tell us and fun fact about you and any notable mentions you would like to share with us.

Rasesh: Well it's actually funny. People think that I drink more than five to six cups of coffee a day but the fact is that I have two cups a days. Its humbling when people recognize your efforts. This instance was a while ago, but till date it is the most awesome that has happened.

I shared a piece of information about my blog to two or three media house basis the articles I read. Next day I get a call from Midday for an interview. I dint expect anything from this exercise because it was just too random for me. I was interviewed by the editor and I dint ask anything about it. Next day when I come to office I hear people saying that you have become famous there is your picture in Midday. I saw the paper and it was almost a big article talking about my cup of coffee travelling and my passion for coffee, I was on cloud nine and so were my parents reading the articles. This just gave a motivational boast to my passion for coffee. 

You can check the article Here.


We loved our interaction with Rasesh and his concept with More Over Coffee. We decided to send Rasesh a batch of our fresh roasted single origin coffees to know his reviews and work on a collaboration. Once we told him about our collaboration idea he was excited to review our fresh brews and conduct a real cool doodle projects to accompany his reviews. He mentioned that he liked coffees which are floral and are not above a Full city roast. We did a fresh batch roast specially for him and shipped him a batch of our Corona, JourneyMan & Slash Coffees.

Our single origin coffees were up to mark and got a thumbs up from Rasesh. Check his reviews and Doodle below.


Corona Coffee by Deccan Coffee

Rasesh on Corona coffeeVery refreshing and fruity acidity which is perfect for a post lunch or Sunday afternoon coffee. I tried it our using a French press and loved the perfect blend of floral aroma and citrus acidity.


JourneyMan Coffee by Deccan Coffee

Rasesh on JourneyMan coffee: I will prefer starting my day with journey man. Low on acidity and slight tinge of spice to kick start and let the creativity flow at work.


Slash Coffee by Deccan Coffee

Rasesh on Slash coffee: I am yet to try out this coffee but it already smells great from the pack. I am sure this will be my weekend partner at home with my favorite book and my favorite music playlist.

Rasesh was/is happy with his special batch of fresh coffees he was extremely happy that the coffees were specially roasted for him and of our delivery service was super quick. Our single origin coffees were up to mark and got a thumbs up from Mr. More Over Coffee.

You can find More Over Coffee exploring and going on adventures and doing what he does best on Instagram & Facebook.

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Instagram: @moreovercoffee

Facebook: @moreovercoffee

Online Blog: @moreovercoffee

We look forward to work with More Over Coffee in the future on topics related to coffee. Mr. More Over Coffee was very supportive during the collaboration and made Team DC feel that we are doing good progress with Indian Coffee. Follow "More Over Coffee" on social media as he takes you on a journey to the far ends of fun and exploration.

To know more about our single origin coffees and new harvest visit our "Buy Coffee" menu and meet our coffees.

Like our collaborations. Get in touch with us if you have a cool idea. Stay Caffeinated Folks. We will be back next week.