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Discover delicious coffee from the Deccan Plateau

direct trade coffee

Sourced directly from our partner coffee farms.

Roasted Fresh, Daily

We ship your coffee in 36 hours. Enjoy it fresh!

Better beans. Better coffee.

Deccan Coffee specialty beans have been marked & sourced from the best coffee farms across the Deccan plateau of India.

We will fresh roast your coffee with an artisan approach to yield a defined brew & ship it your way in 36 hours or less.


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Fresh brew reviews

Fantastic! Coffee beans personalized to my taste and my way of making coffee. A great boaster of quality of living. Thanks!

Eva, Bangalore

Really fine coffee

Ordering was easy, constant update on despatch. Once delivery, the coffee was ground exactly as I wanted, in a neat zip lock bag. The taste and aroma are simply fantastic. I will definitely order again. 

Arun K, Bangalore

Like no other coffee I have ever tasted

The wonderful aroma and fruity flavours of this brew translates into a cup of complete happiness.

Srimonti, Kolkata

Awesome brewsome!

I am having a fresh brew of JourneyMan as I write this review. Its aroma makes me feel I am in a coffee plantation. Really awesome stuff .

Debasish G, Kolkata

Mornings with Slash are always a joy

I was a reluctant taster of coffee other than my own perfected brew. Habits don't change so easily! But my friend always had Slash on hand, and after a few cups l realised, or admitted, it was a most excellent brew. l have my own stash of Slash.

Elaine D, Kullu

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